"We have serious issues facing our region and our state, and they will not be solved by those who are unwilling or unable to innovate in order to find solutions. Being a conservative means being able to do more with less. That’s what I’ve done on the school board and that’s what I will do in the state house as well."

- Nancy Cline

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The Cline Family: Nancy and Jim with their children Bob, Greg, and Allison

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Voted this afternoon (Constitutional Amendments) and then walked to meet voters on this beautiful day. Got to visit with our kids pediatrician. Early Voting continues Mon-Fri (oct 28-Nov. 1) from 7 am - 7 pm and election for the amendments is Nov. 5. Enjoyed the Aggie game yesterday (👍) and watching the Astros this weekend!

I am very relieved that no lives were lost during the storms yesterday. Thank you to the first responders , electric companies and faith based organizations arriving quickly to help with recovery efforts. I met with Mason from Cornyn’s campaign today. They are holding volunteer recruitment and block walk training on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know (PM) and I will forward details. It will be valuable training that would translate into helping my campaign also. 👍😊